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Bank Of America Bank Careers

Ronnie Said:

Please help - how to start a banking career?

We Answered:

I think it depends on what level your friend is looking to get into in the banking business. A finance degree would definitely be helpful, I'm sure it will look good that she does have a Korean degree (although, you mentioned it's in a completely different field.)

Really, besides a secretary, a teller is about as entry-level as you can get. If your friend is looking to gain experience in a field that she has no experience or degree in, I think that she'd better look into being a teller and work her way up.

Gwendolyn Said:

Will being an investment bank trader give me enough information and/or contacts to be a politician in America?

We Answered:

I believe there are a number of different ways of getting into politics in America, but all of them would probably require you have a lot of backing and money behind you.

Economics is a good way, but it would be even better if this path led to owning your own business and pref being CEO of a corporation beforehand. Mitt Romney is a good example of someone with the business background and sound economic acumen.

Next way is the war hero way like John McCain.

Then you have the movie star route e.g. Ronald Reagan and Arnie!

Another route is the priviledged/dynasty route e.g. you have previous famous parents or relations with family name that has been associated with high ranks in government, or that you are in some way linked with British or other European (old country) monarchy through your distant third cousin twice removed etc ;) Examples would be the Bush family, the Kennedy's, the Clintons.

Finally you have the route where you don't need to have ever held down a job in your life, you attend a dodgy church where they preach hatred and racism against your own nation, you have mafioso contacts and their backing and are linked with other dodgy contacts such as former domestic terrorists. The only job you've had is organising marches in your community for dole bludgers on union strike action. The only main requirement for this route is that you have the backing with a lot of money from your underworld contacts, and you are an excellent public speaker and communicator. An example of this is Barack Obama.

The route you're thinking of is one of the better ways of doing it. I believe owning your own business first or being a CEO would be the icing on the cake and definitely qualify you. Even after all this though in will still be tough and you'll need a lot of money and backing behind you. Don't let anything stop you, if you want to do that I say go for it!

Eleanor Said:

Who do you bank with?

We Answered:

I bank with Bank of Hawaii and i bank there because i work there...are slogan "that's my bank"

Ronald Said:

Can America ever hope to have a President as great as Andrew Jackson again?

We Answered:

I believe Andrew Jackson was the greatest ever. Those whom knock him because of the Native American issues have no concept of what he was dealing with. Although I may not agree with the trail of tears or the way situation was handled, I have to ask myself, given the enormousness of the problem could I or any one of us done any better? To call him a mass murderer because of decisions he made regarding the Native Americans is absurd.

The fact is "settlers" were pushing the Native Americans out of their ancestral homes. They were being displaced by the huge influx of easterners moving westward. Violence and uprisings between the settlers and the natives were running rampant, Jackson had to make a tough call.

Greg Said:

What courses should I take in order to have a job in customer service?

We Answered:

I think B.A in Marketing or a course of marketing or banking will help.
Good luck

Max Said:

All Job Seekers?

We Answered:


It's not all that hard to get a job. Why did you post this?

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