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Banking Career Path

Nathan Said:

what is a good career path/position that combines finance/banking and computer programming?

We Answered:

IT Business Analyst

Benjamin Said:

Which Career Path is better? Accounting or Banking?

We Answered:

I think accounting. I just answered another question about accounting. As I told him, have you heard for forensic accounting (to add some spice to this field)? A forensic accountant investigates suspected financial misconduct and helps to prepare the evidence used to argue a case in civil or criminal trials. This field is also referred to as "investigative accounting." A forensic accounting specialist works by auditing and verifying records, collecting evidence, and interviewing people involved in the case.

Karen Said:

what is the highest paying most lucrative career path as a finance major? investment banking?

We Answered:

At the junior level, let's say, 3 years in (so, this is what a 25 year old would be making):

Investment banking 3rd year analyst: 200-250k
Private Equity 1st year pre-MBA associate: 275-500k
Hedge Fund 1st year pre-MBA associate: 300-350k

Harry Said:

Investment banking career path?

We Answered:

plan not having a girlfriend for a while. From someone I know as an investment banker, They put in long hours for a few years until they build seniority. But also that CFA is a very hard exam

Alicia Said:

Advice for Career Path in Financial Banking?

We Answered:

A wire transfer clerk Transfers funds or securities and maintains records of transactions, using computer: Types, transmits, and receives funds transfer messages on computer terminal to or from other banks and Federal Reserve Bank. Records funds or securities transferred and disposition, using computer. May maintain file of customers requiring daily transfer of funds or securities. May verify or assign code number to telecommunication messages.
The salary is around $36,000

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