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Banking Jobs In Dubai

Kristin Said:

I am a Nigeria, i love Dubai, iam a banker with over three years experience, how can i get bank job in dubai?

We Answered:

You got to apply to a financial institution there, which will then sponsor you as a resident. As you know, it is a world class financial center, so you must have top credentials. It is also a country that does not subscibe to a lot of non-discrimination laws, I hate to say this. Some people go there as a tourist, on a tourist visa, and then apply themselves to finding a job. Hopefully, you have some friends there. Networking would help.

Rhonda Said:

How to get an Islamic Banking/finance job in Dubai/UAE/Saudi Arabia?

We Answered:

People usually come on a visit visa to UAE and then distribute their CVs to the organisations they are interested in. They are lucky if they get a reply within the period of their stay in UAE. Otherwise, companies call people from their home countries and provide visas.

I have been living in UAE for the past 9 years. There are many Islamic banks in UAE and the demand is huge. However, the conditions are difficult as the rents of flats have increased a lot and people are finding it difficult to keep their families in UAE. Best of luck to you.

Jackie Said:

hey guys looking out for job in dubai ?

We Answered:

Sorry to be negative about this, but you are not going to get a highly paid job in Dubai in your career sector. This type of work is being done by nationals from poorer countries working for the minimum wage or less.

Hazel Said:

I am IT Guy done BCS and MCSE having 3 yrs IT exp. & 2 yrs banking exp. can i get job in dubai & what salary?

We Answered:

Hi dear. I have found following site for jobs in Dubai, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia etc. Visit and do the needfull. Allah bless you.

Judy Said:

Within how much time period i can get working visa in Dubai ?

We Answered:

The procedure for obtaining a work visa from Dubai is, firstly the employer has to submit the application at Ministry of Labor for the initial approval. Normally it will take one week for the approval of visa committee, and sometimes they will forward the application to the inspection department for verification. If it happens, then it will take some more time to complete the formalities of physical inspection to the sponsors/employers establishment.

Once they approved, the Immigration dept will issue the visa on the next day.

Welcome to Dubai

Judith Said:

i have done mba looking for the operations job in dubai like in supply chain or banking jobs?

We Answered:

Don't go to dubai....They treat Indians like dirt over there....If you want to get a job overseas, get one somewhere like Europe or Australia....Don't go to any arab country because they regard Indians as a slave race

Also I agree with the guy above me...You have done a MBA and you are looking for a job on yahoo answers??? Doesn't inspire much confidence....

Jesus Said:

Female US Citizen Interested in Banking Job in Middle East/Dubai?

We Answered:

Salam.UAE market is booming, I do have some relatives-do send me your resume for me to look at and then I can send that to my closest buddy down there(who is Sr.Relationship Manager in Abu Dhabi)....hope that would be a good start for you.

My email is


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