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Careers At Commercial Bank

Manuel Said:

I'm Dj, in need of employment / gigs can you help ?

We Answered:

call howard stern at sirius,hes giving everybody a chance.

Jeffery Said:

What can you do when you have no money, work (real estate, not sales side)?

We Answered:

I would cut grass in the neghiberhood, scrap paint in the inner city, clean gutters, suck out grease traps, pick up dead animals along the road................what ever it takes........if you have to work for 5 bucks and hour its 5 bucks in your pocket........stop feeling sorry for yourself and get going......the rest of us are making it...........not what I want to do but feeds the kids...........

Sylvia Said:

Can anyone explain this to me?

We Answered:

Asylum Seekers do not come here illegally. They come under the UN Convention on Human Rights which the UK has signed up to and which entitles anyone who has a reasonable fear for his/her life to come here and claim asylum. They are therefore entitled to apply for asylum.
If that asylum claim fails, they have to return to their own country.
I don't know where you get the idea that every failed aslyum seeker gets £4k to go away - I think you have been reading the Daily Mail.

Wade Said:

careers for idiots?

We Answered:

Yes. My son works at Dorm Check.

Here's the link:…

You get paid for posting and answering posts. They have daily contests in which you can win money. They also have a section called cash zone where you type in can win money three times a day.

Robin Said:

How to become a banker without a Finance/Commerce Background?

We Answered:

Your interest to learn Banking and finance is important. Get yourself recruited as a regular employee and you can learn Banking /Finance easily. Every Bank employee can join CAIB
Institute of Certified Associate of Banking, London and can learn International Banking

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