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East West Bank Careers

Stacey Said:

People here in Calcutta seems very hostile to me,Help?

We Answered:

u r absolutely not a jerk as this sickos r saying.
u will get a very good looking charming hot girlfriend who will love u & u get married to her.
u will also get a good job.

Kent Said:

It won't be easy for Putin to make it back in as Leader of Russia,you think he has a chance?

We Answered:

I have been wondering about Putin for a long time now. At first I was suspicious of the fact that he had close ties with a Jewish family when he was growing up and wanted to join the KGB from a very early age which made me think that he had been chosen to infiltrate the organization. However his resignation from the KGB after the failed putsch against Gorbachev, clearly showed his true allegiance as against the International Communists. Articles like this one give me a lot of hope that this is true:…

(I think you understand very well what They mean by 'democracy'). The Jewish Mainstream Media in the West has made it very difficult for us to understand much about him and documentaries about him certainly don't give anything away. They don't show enough hatred for him which would be expected. I believe in the 'Protocols of Zion' of 1905 and I am well aware of the Jews use of reverse-psychology agents. The Oligarchs who he sent packing back to Israel all talk about him in a good-humoured sense and have given the impression that Putin is one of theirs. Also the photos of him and George W. Bush seem too intimate for my liking. (He clearly favours the NeoCons over the Democrats in public and I don't understand why. He particularly despises Obama but this may just be because Obama is an obvious clueless puppet of theirs and sending Obama over to Russia for 'talks' is a great insult. Does this have anything to do with the two Factions of the International Communists, do you know?)

Most importantly though, is that Kristian Rakovsky, a founder of Bolshevism and supporter of International Communism, said that they supported Stalin although he had stolen Russia from them, because his Nationalist Communism was "only an hour away" from International Communism and therefore they did not want to destroy Russia. This makes a lot of sense and so you are probably right to trust Putin who is also a bonapartist then, and your question is frighteningly relevant.

I think I've made a mistake in thinking that the International Communists are more powerful than they really are. I thought the resistance that Putin is putting up is too good to be true but now I think that he really could be that good. And of course, who else but a tough, wise Russian could play them at their own game? So yes, he must have a chance because he knows too well of what will happen if he fails. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Thanks for making me think about Putin again.

edit: Mustafa - you seem to look at the situation through rose-tinted glasses. Imagine an old lion looking after a vulnerable cub with a crowd of vultures all waiting for the lion to die... How on earth can Putin go into retirement happily knowing Russia's fate?

Joann Said:

The Next 5 years, and The NBA Finals...?

We Answered:

Great question as usual Killa G. I agree with many of your theories here, and many of the others already posted; so mine are merely guesses as well.

2009-10 -- Spurs/Celtics -- In my opinion, the two most experienced and possibly well-rounded teams here this upcoming season; if they're both healthy, I'd enjoy seeing KG/Duncan go at it for a final time.

2010-11 -- Lakers/Magic -- Whether LeBron stays or not; and I'm starting to get a growing feeling he's leaving after 2010's failure and Shaq's one year older. I like the continued growth of Dwight Howard and Kobe to get back to the Finals here for a repeat matchup of 08-09.

2011-12 -- Blazers/Magic -- I'l go a year earlier with the Blazers then you; as I believe they're poised to make a run into Conference Finals territory this upcoming year but might fall just short of that mark. If Greg Oden can stay healthy; we could be talking Oden/Howard in the mold of the old Ewing/Olajuwon matchups with less fundamentals involved.

2012-13 -- Hornets/Knicks -- I'm assuming LeBron leaves for New York after this upcoming season; but due to the current cap issues (and Knicks money issues from the Zeke Era), teams will be hard pressed on cash, so LeBron will be forced to deal with two years of New York adding more Championship pieces to his growing frustrations; but by this time, I expect to see him back here, dueling with Chris Paul.

2013-14 -- Blazers/Knicks -- This is quite a ways away, but I see the Blazers, Oden/Roy/Aldridge and co. back here versus LeBron and whatever star he's running with at the time. (Possibly the addition of Steve Nash whose 2 year extension with the Suns would be up a year before this? Maybe a Danny Granger?)

So over the next few years, I really see the Blazers and Magic as the two very constant teams in the East and West. Where LeBron goes could be a big factor; but I see this current Cleveland team as very much "now or never." I also don't see the Knicks if they get 'Bron in '10, being a force right away due to upcoming cap restrictions in the NBA. I also see the Lakers being closer to the end then people think; not so much due to age, but Phil Jackson's soon impending retirement. So in my mind, the two teams best built for a future at the moment are the Portland Trailblazers and Orlando Magic.

Denver, Philadelphia and Chicago are three other teams I can see growing into good teams, as all three have considerable youth or a star player in the making.

I'm in the dark about two players wherabouts in the future; Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, so wherever they go could change the layout of this completely. Nowitzki is more or less likely to stay in Dallas. I think an aging Steve Nash is the future PG for one, LeBron James for Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks.

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