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Is Banking A Good Career

Virginia Said:

Is starting in a bank a good career for long term?

We Answered:

Starting in a bank is good for a long term career if you have a degree, but without one there aren't many higher level jobs that you'll qualify for. As far as non-degree jobs go though, I've always heard bank customer service is one of the better ones out there. If you've been offered the job, and you don't have any better offers, it's probably worth taking. Just don't be looking for much in the way of a promotion.

Dorothy Said:

Is investment banking still a good career choice?

We Answered:

it's hard to find a job in this sector when many professionals are unemployed themselves.. but if you are interested, you can always try~

Johnny Said:

Can non Jewish make a good career in banking in U.S.A?

We Answered:

Why not?
Gecko wasn't Jewish.

Florence Said:

What is a good career dealing with $$ & finances or banking?

We Answered:

Accounting...4 year degree and getting a CPA license. A friend of mine did both and he makes alot of money. Start by looking into what universities you can also start at a community college if you want, get an associates degree in accounting and transfer to the 4-year university to finish the bachelor degree in that field. Maybe go on to get an MBA at a business grad school. That would be another 3 years, but the income jumps up with more education.

Micheal Said:

Is starting in a bank a good career choice?

We Answered:

It would be better if you had a finance back ground, nevertheless you can start in customer care or as a teller and learn and grow with the bank. you might need to have CPA or some other financial studies eventually to become a bank manager or it might take pretty longer period for you to reach that level by experience. if you start as teller you could move on to head teller then from there move into fields of credit control or lending or accounts management, there are so many positions in banks. in any case as a consolation banking industry is good and well paid.

Mario Said:

What's a good career transition from Banking Center Management?

We Answered:

Most people I know usually go into finances of some kind. Stocks, credit, etc.. If you want to get into a totally different career, it will be difficult unless you have education in something else.

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