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Hector Said:

How can I make a community service project around my interests? Ideas included - you don't have to read it all?

We Answered:

Remember, your service project needs to address a community need. What does your community need most? I have a girl in my troop working on her Bronze Award and what our community needs most is trash cleanup. She's adopting a highway and planting trees.

I would say the music is your best bet. It sounds like more of a community need. Teaching homeless children to bake isn't the best idea, if they're homeless they don't own an oven. What about baking and donating to Meals on Wheels or a soup kitchen? Or bake dog treats for the humane society.

Monica Said:

How I can Become Business Analyst (Insurance)?

We Answered:

I work as Business Analyst, but more in IT perspective for an Independent financial services firm/Singapore. I suggest you to couple your Domain expertise with Information Systems knolwdege (Areas that may include Knowledge Management, Project management, Business Intelligence, SW Development Lifecycle, Computational functional analyst etc., ). You can be an independent Management consultant assisting financial firms to roll-out business systems or join an IT Business Solution provider firm. All the best.

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