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Career Change At 45

Ralph Said:

Career change, what job could I do, I can train full time for one year then need a good job?

We Answered:

But there's no shame in having a fun job if it pays and allows you flexibility to work around your kid's schedules! I know people who are in their 30's, 40's, 50's, and even 60's having a great time working for Disneyland on purpose, or driving tour buses at Yosemite. There is no shame being a club promoter if you are good at it and are able to draw crowds to your gigs. What do you mean it's not a "Real" job?? We could use a good club promoter here in my boring little farm town in the middle of California's Central Valley! Do you know how hard it is to get any crowd at any event up here? It is very difficult and a good promoter could earn quite a few $s if they really put their efforts into it.
There are plenty of venues to work for in San Diego - the Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and Sea World could all use group sales managers and events promoters, and your family gets in for free. What is the shame in working for Sea World? I grew up with a girl in school and church who became a vetrinarian at the Wild Animal Park, has a lot of fun and has never changed her mind about working her dream job. Have Fun with your work! Why not?

Eugene Said:

Is it really impossible being a graphic designer at age or 45?

We Answered:


Marc Said:

I am 45 years old in fit condition and want to change my career and go to sea?

We Answered:

Deciding on a career is one of the most critical choices you can make in your lifetime. My son wanted guidance with his career options for the last month, so he tried the website in the box below, which has some sensible instruction on career decision-making. It definitely hit the spot for him because he now knows precisely what he wants, and more importantly what he needs to do to get there!

Jason Said:

Have you changed your career at age 45? How is it going?

We Answered:

I tried to, I was a math/computer science major at a state university in Indiana, making good grades. But, they do not tolerate older, while male students there, and got harassed in each and every class. Constant intentional noises. The administration would not do anything because they wanted it to happen. I ended up in a loony bin.

Business people in this small college town want to keep the student demographics diverse, meaning 99% between the ages of 18 and 22.

Lillie Said:

Career change at 45, can it happen?

We Answered:

I was a manufacturing supervisor and just got burnt out a couple of years ago at age 43. I tried stockperson at Wal-Mart which was horrible. Then I saw an ad for school bus driver which I applied for, got my CDL and love every single minute of my job. The money isn't great but to answer your question YES you can change careers at 45 without a college education. Your husband needs to know what is out there for available work and he needs to decide what he wants to do.
I would say all of the jobs you listed could be good choices for him with his education and background. Good luck.

Janet Said:

Opportunities for a late career change.?

We Answered:

Accounting is a growing field, and your services are needed. Don't worry about your age; however, realize you most likely will gain an entry level position unless you can demonstrate superior skills in your field. For example, if investment banking is your area of expertise, expect a much better than average wage.

Erin Said:

Paralegal career at 45?

We Answered:

Paralegals are used in so many fields, finance, insurance, banking, public service and private foundations. If you have a well organized marketing plan, your chances are decent that you can find employment. Keep in mind the this economy will impact your search time and results.

You may wish to check out a company called LTS, they offer very valuable advice for someone like yourself. They are located at . Good luck.

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