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Thomas Said:

Do you know someone who can volunteer to edit a charity documentary?

We Answered:

Hi there, I'm a 19 year old Mexican, and currently live in Canada. I have 4 years of video and picture editing experience. I will be glad to participate in your program and I'm ready to give all the help you need with the video. If you have the footage and the content of the video such as text, quotation, documents and pictures, I will be glad to work with this material and prepare your video with great effort. I also speak Spanish and French if you need the video to be trilingual. My e-mail address is
Thank you.

Leah Said:

Switching to SAP Career-Please tell me best module to select?

We Answered:

CRM if you know how a CRM system works.

Where can you find a SAP Training in India

India SAP India Pvt Ltd
Thapar Niketan
7/4 Brunton Road
Bangalore 560 025
Tel: (91) 80 25593554 / 41365669 / 41365670
Fax: (91) 80 25095888

SAP Education
Education Partners
Contact Details
India Siemens Information Systems Limited
5-9-19, 5th Floor
Lakshmi Narsinh Estate
Saifabad, OPP AP Secretariat
Hyderabad - 500004
Tel: (91) 40 23482800/1/2
Fax: (91) 40 23482804
Contact Person: Ms. Radhika Mahesh

Genovate Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
A Wing,First Floor
Phoenix House,Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013
Tel: (91) 22 24901839/ 24982754/ 24901824/ 24981236
Contact Person: Mr.Krishnan / Mr. Fabian
or E-mail:

Siemens Information Systems Limited
1st Floor, VIPPS Centre
2, Local Commercial Complex, Masjid Moth
Greater Kailash - 2 New Delhi - 110048
Tel: (91) 11 299220694/29220695/29220696/ 29220697/29221248/29216047/29221247
Fax: (91) 11 29214685
Contact Person: Ms.Rochika Bhatia

Siemens Information Systems Limited
5th Floor, 144, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Nungambakkam Chennai - 600034
Tel: (91) 44 28334360/28334361/28334362
Fax: (91) 44 28331844
Contact Person: Ms.Sangeeta Arora
Siemens Information Systems Limited
43, Shantipally
E.M. Bypass. Rash Behari Connector
Kolkata - 700 042
Tel : (91) 33 24428641-49
Fax: (91) 33 24429930
Contact person : Ms.Debomitra Bose

Siemens Information Systems Limited
206, LOGOS , Ground Floor
The Bible Society Building
M.G Road
Bangalore - 560 001
Tel : (91) 80- 57700001 / 2
Contact persons : Ms. Shubha Ghargi / Prachi Garg
or E-mail:

Genovate Solutions Ahmedabad Pvt. Ltd.
308, 3rd floor, "Aatish",
Nr. Samarpan Flats, Off. C. G. Road,
Gulbai Tekra,
Ahmedabad 380 006
Tel: (91) 79 55315706, 55315707
Fax: (91) 79 55315708
Contact Person: Mr. J. Figueiredo

Genovate Solutions (Cochin) Pvt. Ltd.
1st Floor, E M Commercial Centre,
Kunamthai,Near Milma, Edapally.
Cochin , Kerala - 682 024
Contact Person: Mathews Cherian
Mobile: +91-9847787503
Direct: +91-4843201837
Contact Person: Ramchandran Iyer
Mobile: +91-9847245698
Direct: +91-4843201838

Ruby Said:

Has anyone attended CCI @ John's Hopkins University & if so what did you think?

We Answered:


Kent Said:

Over 50 and seeking second career - Success stories?

We Answered:

G'day mate. well I don't know how you'll go. I take it you are resident in the USA. but here in Australia we have a different pay scale. As a project manager here you would have little difficulty in getting a job and the pay would be about 60 thousand PA.but i don't know how the US job situation is. As a guide to the financial side of things. My lifemate was a company internal auditor for the last ten years of his career at about Aus $130 thousand PA. but he found no difficulties with his superannuation fund amount. and now as a retired man of 58ys he works as an inwards goods manager at$35thousand PA and loves it.
Further comparisons are, a good quality car ie, honda 4wd costs new
$ 60,000 a house in a decent suberb $450,000 to $650,000
a PC $500 to $2500 health insurance is covered by the government but extra for private health cover costs$18 pW
i take it by what you said about breaking even you still have debts to service. so you are not in the position to be choosy. I still think you will do well because you obviously have qualifications. when you apply for work make sure that the prospective employer knows about them as even if you are like my love; overqualified at 50+ you are prized by many companies. best of luck.ROBERTO.

Eileen Said:

How do I promote our Recruitement Portal

We Answered:

Thank you for the information !!
Already this information has been passed on to 22 persons !

Lester Said:

What careers are available for a person with a Social Sciences degree with a concentration in psychology?

We Answered:

I have a bachelors in Psychology, and the jobs there aren't good. I had a couple of job interviews with mental health facilities, and the type of jobs I was interviewing paid maybe in the mid 20K's a year, lots of overtime without pay for it and crappy work. Like helping the people who are mentally ill that are bad enough to need help, but not bad enough for inpatient care, I would have been checking up on them to make sure they were taking their meds, finding social functions for them, keeping in touch with their employers to make sure they were doing their job, and if you get a phone call from a patient, no matter if its the middle of the night, you have to go to them.
Another job I interviewed for was very similiar, except it was working with the town's very poor people I guess you could say. Making sure they were doing ok, family was gettting along, that kind of thing. And once again, the person that interviewed me said" if you get a call in the middle of the night and its in the ghetto, you have to go". I was like, great, sounds fun. Luckily I didn't get either job and ended up with something much better that doesn't even have anything to do with Psychology.
I love Psych, I would still love to go on in school and get my masters at least, if not doctorate in Clinical Psych. And thats what you will be looking at doing if you want a Psych career, go as far as you can in school.
Bachelors degrees Psych programs teach you the methods and theories behind Psych. You will have classes and electives in Child Psych, Adolescent, Abnormal Psych, Physiological Psych, Theories and Methods, some intro into counseling, but never enough to go out and do it afterwards. You won't have any thesis or internship b/c they EXPECT you to go on to grad school. Its more an introduction to Psychology.
Hope this helped!

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