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Service Canada Career

Jane Said:

Canada Border Services Agency Career?

We Answered:

Become a Border Services Officer:…

Johnny Said:

How to become a border service officer in Canada?

We Answered:

The best place to check is at the CBSA website - see link below to "Job Requirements" page. That should answer your questions. You may also want to check out current job listings with the department to see what they have listed there for requirements.

Keith Said:

I would like to know how to make an insurance career in Canada. I have a solid insurance background. I am new?

We Answered:

With respect to licensing, it depends which province you live in. In most provinces you will have to complete the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Level 1 exam in order to sell Personal Lines products, Level 2 to sell Commercial Lines products and Level 3 to manage an agency. You also have to be employed with a brokerage in order to maintain your licence, or else you are just given a Certificate of Completion which can become a licence once you are employed with a agency/brokerage. In Ontario passing the first exam will allow you to act under supervision. You would have to pass subsequent exams in order to remove the restriction. Quebec is a whole different beast altogether.
As for actually getting employed and how much your previous experience will count depends on where you are from. If you are from the U.S. or the U.K. then it will count for quite a bit. If you from any other country then it may take some convincing to whoever you are applying to that the Canadian system and the system where you are from are similar. Without this, prospective employers may decide not to higher you since it would be easier to train someone with no experience since they will not have to unlearn what they already know.

Benjamin Said:

I would like to start a career in insurance field. How could I start? I'm not young, I'm new in Canada/

We Answered:

Get advice from experienced people in the industry. Here are a couple of good websites:
You might get good career tips by emailing your questions to their Contact addresses.

The industry lists some career opportunities here: <>…

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