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Career Aptitude Test For Kids

Antonio Said:

What are some careers that you think I should consider?

We Answered:

Evaluating a career is one of the most vital choices you can make in your lifetime. My son was in need of guidance with his career options during the last couple of weeks, so he tried the website in the box below, which has some sensible guidance on career decision-making. It really did the trick for him because he now is aware of perfectly what he wants, and more importantly what he has to do to get there!

Earl Said:

help with finding the right post seconary school?

We Answered:

Can you discuss this decision with the guidance counselor at you school? My advice would be to apply to the nursing program at a college or university that offers a BSN degree. In that way, if you find your goals changing during the course of your college career, you'll already be fulfilling the GERs (general education requirements) for ANY degree. If you choose a college or university with a major in special education as well, you'll be all set. Your counselor can probably help you find colleges with both programs.

Meanwhile, you might test your patience with special needs children by working with them full-time next summer, or even doing some part-time work now. If you can deal with them all day, say as a camp counselor, you could probably also do pretty well at teaching them.

However, I get the impression that nursing is your first choice! You can always start inquiring of agencies like Doctors WIthout Borders about job opportunities and requirements.

Finally, here's another avenue to investigate for after you have your degree: the Peace Corps.

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