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Career Exploration Test

Samuel Said:

Help with future college plans?

We Answered:

You should go to school to be a psychologist! You can chose your focus area and work with teenagers, you could even try to work in a high school as a guidance counselor or something.You could open your own firm if you really wanted to.

Joy Said:

please help me with my career exploration??

We Answered:

Well, if you want to make things, I suggest a degree in electrical engineering and become a hardware engineer.

If you to test things, you then want to become a QA engineer. QA stands for Quality Assurance. For that you might want to get a degree in computer science with a concentration in quality assurance.

A software engineer will write the programs that allow a hardware device to function. We used to call them "programmers," in the past.

Anyway, if you have strong math and science (physics) skills and aptitude, you will do well in any of those disciplines and the money you can make is great.

Good luck and have fun

Earl Said:

FBLA career exploration?

We Answered:

i;m in fbla and i took the test for district the website was as follows in source

Veronica Said:

These are my ASVAB results and what jobs do I qualify for.?

We Answered:

That is a pretty low score, but you can always retake the asvab if you don't have a lazy *** recruiter like I did. My recruiter only told me "I was going to be taking a test", BUT he never told me what the test was for or what subject areas were going to be covered on the test, so I wasn't even prepared. He also never told me that there were study guides for the asvab, and I was pretty pissed about that. When I finally took the test, my score was a 41 which is low a well, and I wanted to retake the asvab but my recruiter was lazy as hell and didn't want to put in the extra paperwork for me to retake it. I was mad at first, but then I got over it because I actually got one of the jobs that I wanted (Navy OS) which is a pretty decent job. Basically all you have to do is ask to retake it. if your not happy with your score or the job that you get. Lastly, do not let them tell you that you can retake the asvab and choose a different job after basic training, because that's partly true but it's also a lie because you'll have to wait for 24 months until you can actually switch to a different job. so make sure that you retake the asvab while you're in DEP now, because it will be alot easier.

Gregory Said:

Do I qualify for military police in the ARMY with this ASVAB score.?

We Answered:

No, you need a ST of 91 to be a MP and get secret clearance. You also need a drivers license. No offense but a 32 is absolutely horrible, you will have a hard time getting ANY job you want with a score like that. Study and retake it and hopefully you will get a higher score. - This website helped me raise my score by 18 points. But you really need to put the time and effort into it. Take the high school exit exam prep classes because it is the most similar to the ASVAB.

Good luck

Ross Said:

ASVAB Career Exploration Program??

We Answered:

Honestly it is much easier if you just approach your school counselor and ask them to provide you with a career assessment such as the SDS. It will be much easier to get your hands on and you get your results immediately.

Penny Said:

Military Recruiter?

We Answered:

If you scored high in your ASVAB test, that means that you are very smart and can pick your career instead of the career picking you. Before you consider joining the military, realize that once you are in, you can't get out for 2 years or more if the military thinks your skills are too valuable for you to leave the military. If you seriously want to join the military, consider going to college first so you can become an officer instead of an enlisted personnel. Clearly you are smart enough to get admitted to college but if you don't like school and don't have the money, you could join now and use incentives to pay for college later. A college degree is very valuable in civilian life and will open up even more career options for you, both in the military and civilian work force.

Most important of all, join the military because you want to serve the country. Don't do it for the pay because the pay sucks.

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