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Career Interest Inventory

Joel Said:

Is the Strong Interest Inventory worth the fee they charge for it?

We Answered:

I took the Strong Interest Inventory a couple of years ago and I thought it was pretty useful and accurate when it came to what my interests. It also gave me some good ideas on career paths. However, I found that the Myers-Briggs test was just a little more useful.

I took both of the test through an alumna service from my undergraduate college so I didn't have to pay for either, and I'm not sure how much they cost. But if cost is a factor just take the cheaper one and then take the other another time.

By the way, there's a really good book that you can read after you take the Myers-Briggs. It's called "Do What You Are". You might even just want to check it out from the library since there's only one chapter that will apply to your personality type. All very interesting stuff.

Good luck and always follow your heart.

Edith Said:

Where can I take the SCII or the KOIS online for free?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, it's unlikely. Both are licenced tests that require a fee. However, your educational institution may have a career centre that you can access your own test. Otherwise, your faculty may have a test centre for educational purposes.

Brian Said:

What do you think is the best career interest assessment tool?

We Answered:

you win the "thoughtful question of the day" award.

unfortunately, I know of no comparative studies of the various tests available -- AND I've looked. There are a lot more assessments than those you're listed. [See the reference desk of your local college for a dictionary size volume just listing all the known tests and their main features.]

That said, I'm somewhat familiar with the outfit at the link below ... I like their material because it lists specific career goals that my personality fits and seems to be unbiased [for the usual race, color, creed, gender angles].

{disclosure: I have no business relationship with the Kolbe firm and receive nothing from them.}

This does not mean that I think their discussions of human personalities and change are the best, nor likely the most accurate {they aren't, imho} ... just that I don't know of any superior, unbiased assessments for career purposes.

Bruce Said:

is there a website that can help me decide what job or career i want to go into?

We Answered:

Definitely, there are several. Try one of these:………

Good luck!

Francis Said:

Do these career tests really work for people: Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory?

We Answered:

I can't speak for the SII, but the MBTI provides a guide to what careers will best suit your personality types strengths and preferred cognitive functions (dominant and auxiliary) - you shouldn't use it solely to pick a career, but it can be very useful in providing you with new ideas and options.

i.e. ISTP have a dominant cognitive functions of Introverted Thinking (Ti), which is systematic objective analysis/deconstructing something to understand how it works and an auxiliary cognitive function of Extroverted Sensing (Se), which is responsible for seeing the present physical world in rich detail/taking immediate action in the moment to get immediate results - this why they are often recommended careers in mechanical and engineering fields.

Kim Said:

What do you think of the following career tests for those considering career transitions?

We Answered:

The Meyers-Briggs tests, compared to the SII, at least have some sort of theoretical basis, albeit what I consider to be a dangerously flawed one. The SII, on the other hand, is an empirically developed test, meaning that it doesn't work off of any specific theoretical basis. Instead, what they've done is sampled a number of people from a number of jobs and looked at what types of activity interest correlate with what types of jobs. My personal critique of this type of system is that while it does point you toward people whom you are alike in terms of interest, it fails to address whether or not these people are the best at their jobs and assumes equality of members within jobs. It is possible that the very best engineers are actually somehow different than the rest and actually have interests more in line with, say, secretaries. A person then, who is like the very best engineers, would likely get pointed toward a secretarial job, simply because the best engineers are very few and not enough to really affect the total correlations.

That said, I prefer the SII, as the Meyers-Briggs isn't the greatest test (My MBTI scores in four years changed drastically on three of the four dimensions).

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