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Career Option Test

Barry Said:

Which is a better career option -software testing or multimedia like Maya animation,photoshop,coreldraw etc?

We Answered:

A multimedia career is awesome.. tough work when you're working in studios because of time and making the deadline, long hours ! Animation is a sort after skill at the moment..
Here in New Zealand, over 70% of the animators here have moved from overseas to work on projects such as Avatar, and coming up films like The Hobbit. It's an awesome set of skills to learn, if you're interested. I don't know much about software testing, but a multimedia career is great :)

Paul Said:

which should be a better career option - software testing or data warehousing?

We Answered:

It depends actually.

Software testing will always be around as new applications are being built. There is some skill required as you will basically be running user processes that are not in the manual (if the manual for the application is written at all). But generally, basic computing skill is all that's required.

Data warehousing on the other hand is tricky at best and testing. People who intend to go build a data warehouse are suggested to have the basic discipline of understanding operational/transactional processes and translating it to the data. It really more of translating a business definition to a technical definition. Business value "A" is the aggregate of column "W" divided by "X" if condition "Y" is satisfied else "Z". Most enterprise systems define these sort of stuff on the fly and is not translated to any ounce of definition on the systems.

Additionally, what is record by record transaction to SQL developers will be quite rare on data warehouses. DW's are more akin to joins between BILLION record tables against another MILLION.

From personal experience, I have a team of sql programmers working on a specific portion of a data warehouse. Their discipline is more on the transactional query and the exactness, to the dot accuracy of the database. Data warehousing on the other hand gives you that lea way BUT would force you to think of the process and how that translates to the database. Oh, it will be nice to have a really accurate data warehouse but that is highly improbable to happen.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Data warehousing careers are a spectrum of specialized database administration, systems administration, meta-data managers, network data performance, business analysts, front end developers, statistical modelers, ETL developers etc.

Clyde Said:

Is Software Testing Good Career Option for a career starter?

We Answered:

Any good software development company will have a quality assurance group responsible for the testing and verification of releases. Companies that do their own independent software development for in-house use should have a quality assurance group. Companies should also have organizations responsible for their network enterprise which should include testing any new software (application or network), new releases of existing software and/or patches before introducing into the enterprise. This is a excellent career option. Also, by continuing your education in program development will only enhance your abilities as a tester and provide you avenues for growth.

Nina Said:

what are the career option for a Performance test engineer ?

We Answered:

I have not come across this designation so far.

Beatrice Said:

Is software testing a good career option? How is its scope now and in the future?

We Answered:

Never met a piece of software without a bug in it somewhere. Career would be fairly assured. The scope is very wide indeed dependent on language, application, development platform and net or networking capabilities. Learning the current software testing tools is paramount such as Win Runner, Load Runner and others.

Gregory Said:

Need help, can't think of career option(s)!??!!!?

We Answered:

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