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Career Path Quiz

Tim Said:

whats a website where i can take a quiz to find what career path is right for me?

We Answered:

I've taken a few of these, but they just state the obvious. If you say you like adventure, they are going to list dangerous/adventurous careers like police, firefighting, kayaking lessons, etc.

Just figure out what you enjoy the most and try to find a career that does it. Better to wake up and do something you enjoy everyday than doing something you hate regardless how much money is made.

Joann Said:

Are there any good websites that will tell me what career path to follow.?

We Answered:


Roberta Said:

is there a quiz i can take to determine the right career path i should get into?

We Answered:

yeah, my school gave us this packet of personality and career matching quiz created by The Harrington-O'Shea. It's called the CDM or career decision making system. Ask your counselor for one. Your school should have it.

Edwin Said:

I'm trieing to decide my career path dose anyone know of a website that has a quiz to take???

We Answered:

Be careful with this question, as you will get a lot of spam answers. =/

Well I was just in your position last week or so.... Let me consult my notes....
Oh yeah, is really great. They have more than just the quizzes, they have really nice info.

I also have the link "". You can try it, but I haven't been past the home page so I'm not sure if it's a good site or not.

Also, google "explore careers" or something like that. You'll get some nice results about all different sorts of jobs.

Good luck =]

Kathryn Said:

what's the best quiz i can do online to help determine a suitable career path??

We Answered:

The Call. It is the best.

Eric Said:

What's a quiz that will tell me what I am more likely to do as a career?

We Answered:

I've used this one:…

Since you're still in High School, they usually have one they'll have you do at some point.

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