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Career Path Tests

Marian Said:

What if your career path isn't right?

We Answered:

I'm on the wrong career path, but out of neccessity, not by accident. When you realize that you're not happy, it's not that you made a wrong choice, but that the path you chose had elements you never expected to dislike.

There are many different kinds of jobs that entail working with animals. I would suggest researching what other jobs you could enjoy before giving up on your path altogether.

Viola Said:

Do you know of any good places (online) to take tests to find a career path, if no, please read anyway...?

We Answered:…

Link to free test. Maybe you could be a business major and run a wedding hall or bridal shop? I don't really know. Your best bet will be to take the test and see what it says.

Nathaniel Said:

What career path should I take?

We Answered:

Graphic Design
Web Design
Game Design/Game Art/Anything with Games

Computer Programming
Librarian (they make good money)

Movie Critic
Interior Decorator

Note on working with people: You will have to deal with people even if you're an illustrator. Its best to learn how to deal with them in a diplomatic way and never burn your bridges. I've learned to be very nice and very diplomatic and I usually am able to deal with difficult people.

The old adage kill them with kindness is true for a reason. It really works. No one is worth getting upset over. In every profession there will be jerks whether its a co-worker or a client/customer. Some companies are not worth working for, and others are.

If you interview, make sure you go on at least five interviews so you can pick the best job and the best company to work for. Talk to the receptionists, the interns, the assistants, etc. Even if you don't talk to them, get a feel for the place. You can learn a lot from just observing.

Suzanne Said:

What career path should I follow?

We Answered:

Well, we need to take into account where you live, where you may go to college, etc.... Money is tight for some now, so a private, out-of -state institution wouldn't be a great idea unless you can get a scholarship. You may have to take out a loan, but don't overburden yourself. If I went to a community college, I would take computer programming, accounting or computer aided design (CAD) or a two year nursing program. I think you can become a LPN. There will always be a market for these. And at a community college or any college for that matter, you can get an associates degree (2 years) first, then work on your bachelors degree. If you decide to go to a 4 year, in-state public college, then you can basically take anything you want. I became an exploration geologist. Good luck.

Donald Said:

Tests that help you find a career path?

We Answered:

I feel you!! I cant figure out what I want to do at all. It is very frustrating.
here are some career tests…………

I hope at least one of these helps!!

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