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Career Test Canada

Shelly Said:

What are the vision requirements for getting a private pilot's license in Canada?

We Answered:

It is your medical that will restrict you. For a Class 1 medical, you must have no color blind issues and 20/20 corrected vision. However, for a PPL, you only need a Class 3 medical.

For class 3, you need 20/30 corrected.

I found the TC Medical requirements..

Edna Said:

Information design or Computer Science... which career should i choose?

We Answered:

computer science

Megan Said:

nathuropathic doctor career in Canada, viable or not?

We Answered:

Everything in life is a challenge. Especially owning your own business/practice. Question is, how do you deal with it? Are you going to let it get in your way? Or forge forward?

Several decades ago... dentistry was seen as non-mainstream medicine/healthcare. And yet, where is it now? Look at chiropractic. They too struggled yet they have managed to flourish. The same will occur for naturopathy. There is a need for naturopathy and patients will come to you for alternative answers because either modern medicine has failed them or they want something more natural for their health. And keep this in mind, only 20% of prescription medications are evidenced based proven to work. Yet, we still prescribe and use them based on anecdotal evidence.

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