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Career Test For Adults

Rachel Said:

Biology - What Career Field of Study Would This Be?

We Answered:

You would want to study both Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience.

Edgar Said:

What type of doctor can test for Adult ADD? PLEASE HELP!?

We Answered:

psychiatrist is your best bet.... they have more experience diagnosing and treating it than a regular doctor does.... A regular doctor can do it but you would be getting an amatuer rather than an expert....

Rosemary Said:

I'm a 15 year old sophomore in high school and I don't know what I want to do when I leave!?!?

We Answered:

it's never too late. why don't you start looking into the things you do like? if you like something enough and try hard enough you will get better at it and turn it into a career. you are saying the things you may or may not be good at but not what you like. there are a lot of smart people who dont test well. just find something that you really love and go for it. as for college.. how about start with those you can afford. because they get pretty pricey. also, do you want to study far from home or as close as possible. do you even want to go to college? you could go to a technical school. or community college for a leser deree. perhaps you just want to jump right into the work field. try your luck. its all up to you. there are millions of opportunities. you just have to choose one that fits you no matter what stupid tests say or what any one else says.

Arthur Said:

What profession can I do?

We Answered:

Well I think it is safe to say motivational speaker is out.

Eileen Said:

How does the MBTI rate against the FIRO - B? Which would be preferable in an organization?

We Answered:

.....Everything depends on how you plan to use it. The FIRO-B has superior psychometric properties, but in my opinion it doesn't provide rich or useful feedback.

The MBTI, on the other hand, gives rich feedback, but in spite of its long history and popularity it does not have the kind of reliability and validity you would need to safely make corporate personnel action decisions. Also, it's based on an outmoded theory. Worse, it types people instead of describing psychological traits...not good for developing people in the workplace. However, if you don't base any decisions on it and use it just for entertainment-level self-awareness in a team-building setting, it might serve.

The one I use all the time is MindFrames. It's the only online personality test I know that is based exclusively on contemporary cognitive neuroscience research. See

Frances Said:

Where was This Interview ?

We Answered:

I have no idea, but you wrote too much to read.

Phillip Said:

adults, how did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

We Answered:

i dont think many people had an idea. or if they did very very few actually became what they wanted. after all who the hell ever said they wanted to be a garbage man, work at walmart, be an accountant etc...

its more of eventually finding an opportunity to do something that you are remotley good at. one job that satisfies your needs at the time. many adults stil have dreams to "own their own business" "work in the outdoors" etc. but they are stuck at their current job becuase of money or fear of leaving.

good luck to you. just remember its not about what you want to be but rather will you be happy doing it.

Discuss It!

Luke said:

I currently own my own landscape company. I don't care for the constant pressure to get new work or the fact the customers call 24/7. I am great at math and enjoy doing it. any ideas?

luke said:

Luke said: I currently own my own landscape company. I don't care for the constant pressure to get new work or the fact the customers call 24/7. I am great at math and enjoy doing it. any ideas?