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Career Tests Based On Personality

Danielle Said:

Career tests for high schoolers?

We Answered:

Well I dont know if these are printable but I do know that I have taken both of them. They are both really easy to do and they dont take too long. I think they are both very accurate, you should try them out. I dont know how much luck you will have finding a printed out version though. These do give great ideas of what you would be interested in after highschool. I hope this helps you a little bit.
Good luck!

Donald Said:

Is there a personality test that tells you based on your personality what you would be good at career wise???

We Answered:

YES!! There are a couple of really good ones. There is the Mires-Briggs test (which I have taken), You'd want to take a few of them because they go after specific aspects of your personality. Once you've gotten the results, the most important thing is to READ ABOUT THE RESULTS! There are lots of documents that talk about what the results MEAN and to get the most out of the test, you need to read them.


Good luck,


Victor Said:

Why do I have such a difficult time picking answers on personality tests?

We Answered:

INFP, but sometimes I get ESFJ or INFJ.

Because the questions are meant to get an insight into your mind- but for someone who is a GRAY thinker.. they can mean several things at once.

The FACT that you keep coming up with other scenarios on how you should answer the questions, tells me you are an "N" an intuitive thinker.

You can scratch the ESFJ off your list.

You can be shy and be a stunted extrovert... but more likely you are an introvert.. so I am going to assume you are really an I

So this means that you are an INFJ or an INFP

It's very possible you floating in between the letters.

Please don't' expect your codes to be exact. It will never be. the goal is to see "If I HAD to be shoved in a box,, which box would I fit BEST in"

It doesn't mean you are going to fit 100% in that box.. your arm or leg is still going to be dangling out... this is the same with the myers briggs... don't expect the code to define you- because no one is 100% their own code.. they can be part of another code in truth..

But--- back to box shoving.. which box do you fit best in?

you are down to scheduling or perceiving (I am personally 70% on judging (scheduled) and 30 on the perceiving... so I am not 100% J...)

Please choose how you would feel most like,,, and this will help you find your right category...

You are given a school project. It has a due date of exactly 1 week. It has to be presented on a piece of cardboard 1X1X1 with a 2 inch boarder, in black ink, .... the list goes on on the exact specifications.

how do you feel about this project?
1.) wow, that's a lot of rules- but at least I know exactly what is expected of me. it might be a little irritating, but I know what I need to do to get an A,, and I have little fear that I will fail. I feel secure in my ability to succeed.

2.)Their killing me! 1 week? whats up with all these rules? I feel like I am suffocating to death in a box, bound with rope unable to move. I feel so restricted, it just grates on my nerves. I am going to hate this project.

You have a second project. you are given free rein. it's due "before the end of the next 6 weeks" but no exact date. you are given a general topic, but just told to "represent what freedom means to you" and given no other instructions.

1.)what? when's it due, exactly? What If I don't' get it done in time? I can't plan without a due date what exactly are they looking for? how will I know if I am doing what I am suppose to? I am really worried that I will do something very inappropriate, and I will get a bad grade because it wasn't what the teacher wanted to see. This is making me very uncomfortable

2.)Ah good! I can do whatever my heart desires. I can really get into this. The sky is the limit. I'll come up with something really cool without someone stressing me about the due date. 6 weeks? yea! no problem...I'm sure I can swing something by then. I think I will like this project.

If you chose 1 both times,. your last code is 'J" if you chose #2 then your last code is "p" if you chose mixed numbers- you might be in the middle of the two..(some people are.. and that's cool... it makes you a more rounded person)

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