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Careers Based On Personality

Martin Said:

Can someone give me careers advice based on my personality traits please?

We Answered:

Vulcanologist, farm vet, lawyer specialising in medical litigation.....there are plenty of things if you open your eyes to the potential.

Willie Said:

Where's a good career survey based on personality?

We Answered:

You could try doing a search in google for jobs match, that might find you something.

Joanne Said:

What should my career be based on my personality?

We Answered:

Ack! SO many scam job and money making scheme postings on your question.

Let me try to give you a real answer here. Being a novelist, poet or other type of writer such as a newspaper columnist or essay writer would be your dream job, no doubt. The problem is, this is an incredibly HARD thing to succeed in. Don't let that slip away but don't give up the day job as they say. Write during your time off and one day you might end up being able to quit the 9 to 5 but do not rely on this field to pay your bills.

Logical job suggestions based on your strengths and able to keep a roof over your head would be:

English teacher or professor
creative writing teacher or professor
social worker

Jobs that you would be good at but kind of suck (lol):

call center rep
data entry clerk
sales (such as real estate agent or insurance broker)

All these suggestions are based on your ability to speak well to others, express yourself in writing and sense of empathy and connecting with people. The most fun and successful options are obvious but having a little idea of entry level stuff in the meantime is never bad.

I actually worked as a representative of an international travel insurance company. A very stressful job but it paid well and was interesting. It really fits ALL of your strengths but is not something I would recommend for the rest of your life. It was a call center job like none other. Some callers were nice and happy and you could have really long, fun conversations with them, really relaxed. These people were getting ready to travel and wanted to buy insurance. These guys loved to talk about their trips and there was never a call time limit at this job.

The dark side is that some callers were in bad situations. Everything from being stranded for days at the airport, lost luggage, injury, sickness or death of someone on their trip, legal troubles, customs battles, you name it.

The really stressful part is that you never knew what was on the other line until you got the call, so you have to go from happy and excited with the positive customer then totally switch gears to be confident, compassionate and helpful with the negative callers. Such an experience that job was. O_o

Christine Said:

Is there a good survey on the net that will help me pick a career based on my personality, likes and dislikes?

We Answered:

The Myers Briggs test can give you a good idea of what you may excel at based upon your personality. Also, most resume sites ( and have different things that can indicate what you'll be good at. However, the best indicator of a good career is your own opinion. Do a little research about things you are interested in (History, Literature, Art, Business, Math, etc.) and then find different careers within those fields.

Morris Said:

Confused about Career - Based on my Personality?

We Answered:

I suggest you do the Jung Typology test, (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) it will only take you 5 min, and it is often a good indication what kind of career fits your personality:…

You can also check your personality description (once you have done the test), on Wikipedia, e.g. if it is INFP, just Google: INFP Wikipedia

If you have already done it, it maybe worthwhile to check the career advice for your types on different websites.

You say you are "highly ambitious, motivated and Creative". Usually people who are very creative follow their passion, and money has a much lower priority. It seems to me a well-paid job is high on your agenda.

Milton Said:

Future careers based on my personality? 10pts!?

We Answered:

I'm an accountant, but I wish I had majored in graphic design. It would be a much more creative field. I'm very disillusioned with accounting right now. I'm a CPA with 12 years experience, and I loved my classes in college, but the real world is so full of bureaucracy and outsourcing, that they kill any joy I used to have. All those years in college and now I am jealous of hairdressers and dental hygienists because they can't send their jobs overseas. They seem to make as much money as I do too, which is a total slap in the face.

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How can I make a community service project around my interests? Ideas included - you don't have to read it all?