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Careers Personality Test

Hector Said:

What websites have reliable personality test that dertime which careers are best for you?

We Answered:

For a good FREE guide to different fee-based and free career asssessments, check out…

The site was created by career counselors at the University of Virginia, and it isolates the books, assessments, free online career centers, etc. that they have found most useful.

Carlos Said:

Careers to suit me and my friends personality?

We Answered:

Be careful with what careers these test show you.
You know what you are good at.
If you are good at math and science, just go for engineering.
If you are good with numbers, go for accounting or actuary.

Be careful with taking the easy degrees.
There is no demand for them, and you'll be lucky to put food on the table...

Gerald Said:

What is the best profiling test for careers and/or personality?

We Answered:

Hahaha, yeah, it looks like your in the right place. It is good to question your understanding about who you think you are, but bear-in-mind that no one else will ever be able to tell you who you are. Not even a test, in fact, I believe Myers-Briggs, and the Strong are interperated by a councelor of some sort. It is up to you to determine what can be done with the results. They can be 100% false, but they usually aren't, and they may be 100% correct, all you have to do is pick and choose from which traits work for you, which you would like to acquire, and what will take you to the place in life you need to go.

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