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Jesse Said:

Air Force, general questions and worries of an enlisted airman?

We Answered:

Hello Derek,

Before we start: "IF" you want to become an officer you are going to have to stay in college and get a 4 year degree first. I don't know how many people in the country still believe all the WWII movies about enlisted people getting commissioned. All the services want officers who are 4 year college graduates. Get it first. Maybe only 100 a year will qualify for the "internal" enlisted to officer program. You can NOT bank on this and will be very unhappy if you "think" that just because you apply you will be accepted. EVERYTHING in the military is all about the NEEDS of the Military. You adjust and adapt to its NEEDS and that is how you succeed.

Before you visit a recruiter you need to go to this website and learn about the Air Force:

Click on the TABS and follow along.

Now, first, you will have to take the ASVAB military test. Yes, it is like a college SAT/ACT test, only geared to the military. Multiple choice questions. Go to the mall book store and invest $20 and buy the Practice for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery exams. Work the book cover to cover before you visit the recruiter. Your score will improve because you will be familiar with the test beforehand.

Next, you don't sign on the papers and get on the bus the next day. You are scheduled to take the ASVAB officially for score, you are scheduled to receive an enlistment physical to see if you qualify medical wise for entry. When your ASVAB test scores are reviewed you and your recruiter will go over them and the 4 field areas that you can best serve in: Mechanical, Electronics, General, Administrative. Usually, the areas with your highest scores will be the areas where you can succeed the best. By studying the different AF jobs before hand from the website you should know what top 5 jobs you are interested in.

You want to try to get a guaranteed entry on paper into one of these job areas. Of course, the recruiter has monthly quotas to fill certain jobs to keep the Air Force schools running continuously. But, if your job is not needed to fill a school slot you could wait for it. The recruiter will keep you on the top of the list (you tell him/her that) until that job is available. They don't want to lose you. I had my recruiter wait 9 months for me back in 1961.

When you are ready to go all your paperwork will be gathered, you will be sworn into the military at the MEPS by an officer and you are IN. You depart usually by plane for Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas for 8 1/2 weeks of basic training.

You will get a check list of what to bring from civilian life. You don't need much. The check list is also on the website. Extras will be confiscated and discarded.

After basic training you go to Air Force technical school directly to learn about your military job. It can be either in Texas or Mississippi. Then, after technical school you will get a 2 week leave before reporting to your first base. When you get there you will reside in the base's barracks/dormitories that are at that base for single Airmen. Although basic training is a group living environment and technical school can have 3 people per room, at your base of assignment you will probably be in a dormitory in a single room, about 96 square feet (8 x 12 feet). No. No homes or apartments - sorry.

Promotions: A Basic Airman is promoted to Airman within 6 months if he is recommended by his Commander due to good behavior and progress. An Airman is promoted to Airman First Class in about 9 months if he is recommended by his Commander as fully qualified. A promotion to Senior Airman usually comes in the Airman's 3rd year in the service. After that, you compete each year by taking two 100 question annual exams; one on your job and one on your Air Force knowledge. Depending on the needs of the military to fill SSgt, TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt, CMSgt positions the people with the highest scores in the percentage needed will be promoted. The Air Force does not believe in butt-kissing. It will not get anyone ahead. Only dedication to duty, skill in duty, and doing what is right.

YOU should research all the Air Force jobs and know about them before you deal with the recruiter. The recruiter's job is to get as many people into the military each month. If you are undecided or wishy-washy or "need" to get in tomorrow, he will put you in whatever he can and be done making his quota. YOU will have to live 4 years with it. Most people only hear what they want to hear and now what it actually IS. So if you ask a question and you get the answer, "You CAN sign up for such and such" it does NOT mean that you WILL get what you sign up for. The needs of the military always come first.

College classes are taught on base after hours. You will be able to take one or two after you have been fully qualified to do your job. It took me 9 years to earn my B.S. degree overseas from the University

Jordan Said:


We Answered:

Most people don't choose their major until about two years into college.
I highly suggest that you wait, too.

Marjorie Said:

Is this personal statement well written?

We Answered:

Well I like it!!!
Do you need to say more about the professional stuff though? I mean like what you want to do in pschology in the future?

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