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Job Seek Au

Samuel Said:

is really genuine jobs r appering in job websites in australia?

We Answered:

for accountants you may have to put in some leg work and go around to accountancy firm with your resume and show them as they will be far more impressed than just emailing them

Julio Said:

What are the other places to find nail technician jobs in australia other than seek.

We Answered:

Here is a list of Australian Job websites and databases.… - this site only advertises casual, part-time, temporary and other short term employment opportunities.

Alternatively if you know the (nail salon) business name, go to their website - they may have a career's link online and apply for jobs direct on their website

Zachary Said:

Does this job look hard to you?

We Answered:

go ahead apply and it does not hurt

Dana Said:

Has anyone ever gotten a job offer from

We Answered:

Seek is a legitimate recruiter in Australia. But how do you know that the sender of the email is Anyone can fake a "From" field.

You give very little details, but "payment handler" does not sound good. It usually means that you are going to launder money stolen by various phishing schemes.This is illegal, so accepting such a job is not a good idea.

Gordon Said:

PLEASE HELP. Does this job sound good?

We Answered:

It looks like a telemarketing job - calling up businesses trying to get them to buy your companies products.

Wilma Said:

how can I search for

We Answered:

Eat a bean burrito@taco bell!

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