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Unemployment Job Search

Kelly Said:

UNEMPLOYMENT called and wants my job search log?

We Answered:

haha i feel the first answer is true. why havent you been looking for jobs. i dont get it. im not gonna condone fabricating. good luck.

Anne Said:

unemployment job search audit?

We Answered:

Well, I only see 3 possibilities.

1. You told the truth and didn't list any contacts, but that seems unlikely. Unemployment wouldn't have paid you and thus wouldn't be doing an audit.

2. You told the truth, did list the contacts and lost them. You need to spend the next 48 hours cleaning your house and searching for those records. Your integrity is on the line (and so is the money). You MUST find them. If you applied online, check your email system for confirmations. Think about what site you applied at.

3. You lied and said you looked for work when you didn't, well, that's what audits are for, to find liars. You can discover that you lose ALL of your benefits, have to repay the amount you have already received *and* could be prosecuted fro fraud.

Rene Said:

What counts as a job search for Unemployment?

We Answered:

Filling out applications.

Anne Said:

Unemployment job search can u do this?

We Answered:

How can you run out of jobs to apply to? There are a million jobs out there. Sure, you probably are only eligible for .0001% of them, and there are 250 applicants for those few, but you can still apply for them and for the ones you aren't qualified for as well.

Does your state require that you apply for jobs in person? I've heard of one state that requires in-person applications for one job a week, but the other two jobs can be on the internet. You obviously have access to the internet so that's where you should be looking for and applying for jobs.

Following are sites I've used during the past year:,,,,,,,,

Check out jobs near where you live. If you see anything interesting, follow the instructions -- usually push a button and attach your resume. The great part about this is that even if you're not qualified, at least you applied and can write it down. Usually you don't have the name of a person you applied to, so if they ask that on your form, just put "NA-Internet".

The in-person ones will require a lot more work on your part, but truthfully, that's where your future job will probably come from. Job postings on the internet get thousands of applicants because it's easy to apply.

So if you're allowed to apply on-line, use the internet. But if you need to apply in person, then just keep going back to the same places over and over and over again if that's what will keep you getting your benefits.

Jamie Said:

unemployment job search log?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, "ever" is a long time. I've been unemployed for over a year and no one has ever asked to see them. But truthfully, I didn't think I had to keep them. I just use a piece of paper to record where and when I applied during the two week period, fill in the UI form, then dump the paper.

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