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Year 10 Work Experience Ideas

Judith Said:

Ideas for year 10 work experience?

We Answered:

Do you know what you would like to explore as possible future employment? What do you want to do when you finish high school?

Your school may have some businesses they are associated with for this project. You should check on that. Your parents or friends' parents may be in businesses or know places that are looking for volunteers. You can check with your local hospital, library, city government, or political or public organizations such as NAMI, the VA, Democratic/Republican headquarters, to see if they accept volunteers.

Whether its the volunteer organization or a business, such as a law firm, you should prepare a resume showing what you excel in at school, what organizations or sports you belong to, what jobs you might have held (such as babysitting), list 3 references, and make sure you list your address, telephone number,and email. Prepare a cover letter explaining the program and that you are interested in what that business does and what you can do for them if they would allow you the opportunity to complete your required two-week internship with them. Be willing to do anything, from stuffing envelopes, to emptying the trash, to filing. Makes sure your letter tells them when and how to best reach you.

Good luck.

Scott Said:

ideas for my year 10 work experience?

We Answered:

what kind of ideas are you looking for,can you be more specific

Benjamin Said:

Work experience ideas for Year 10?

We Answered:

I'm in S4 and I'm going to work experience tomorrow, I am going to my old primary school. If you are very interested in English you could go to your local library? Or maybe a University? Maybe you could go to a school to see if lecturing is what you want to do. Best of luck!

Marcus Said:

Year 10 Work Experience Ideas>?

We Answered:

Get some work experience with the RAF. I've done it and it was amazing.
Do it do it!

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