education recruitment agencies

A school, training agency or college requires qualified, committed and experienced teachers. Sometimes, getting the right candidate for the job may be hard given the school's management has a lot of things to do. To ensure that the school only gets the best workers, an education recruitment agency would be the most appropriate body to take care of this for your school. But, what makes good recruitment agencies? How do you settle on an agency given there are very many agencies in the United Kingdom?

Understanding of the industry

The education sector is a unique sector mainly because it deals with people who are still in their formative years. As such, this sector requires different skill sets to other sectors. You will be required to work with an agency that understands the sector, its unique needs and how these needs should be met. The agency should also be up to date with what may be happening in the sector and have a clear understanding of where the sector is headed.

Good communication skills

education recruitment agencies recruit teachers for different institutions. It is up to the agencies to advertise, shortlist and recruit skilled and experienced teachers. To ensure this process goes on smoothly, the agency should have excellent communication skills. This will also ensure that the agency understands the needs of their clients and therefore works towards meeting them. Overall, the employees who come into contact with candidates and clients should be eloquent both verbally and in written communication.

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Research capabilities

Recruitment involves more than just interviews. Most times, the firm will be required to run background checks of potential employees to ensure they are of sound mind and good conduct. There are databases where this information can be obtained but more importantly the agency should be able to get information that may not necessarily be in these databases. This information can be obtained from social media, from close family and friends. Through checks require high level research skills.

Fast but effective work

A successful agency may have several recruitments at the same time. To successfully do this, the firm should be able to work very fast but in an effective and efficient way. This will ensure that all clients are happy and content with the work done and therefore will bring in other jobs for the agency.


Recruitment can be a very stressful task. The agency may be required to put in extra hours to ensure that the recruitment is done successfully and within the deadline. The employees are therefore required to be very committed to their jobs. The firm should have education recruitment consultants who are willing to go an extra mile to build a successful firm.


A recruitment firm should be at apposition to provide the necessary resources to their employees in order to allow for efficient and timely services to all clients. The firm should have qualified recruitment consultants, analysts, researchers and should have relationships with different government agencies to facilitate faster services.

Above all, the firm should have able, resourceful and committed leadership that facilitates the whole recruitment process.